Your wisdom teeth or ‘third molars’ are located at the back of your mouth and are the last teeth to come through into your mouth. There are four of these and they usually come through around the ages 16-25. If there isn’t enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to grow, a wisdom tooth removal can help relieve symptoms.

Do I need a wisdom tooth removal?

Often, wisdom teeth will grow through your gums however if there is not enough space for them to grow in a straight line, they can emerge at an angle to fill the space. Wisdom teeth that come through this way are known as ‘impacted’.

If your Wisdom teeth are impacted, symptoms you may experience include:

  • Aching pain sometimes radiating to the ear
  • Pain on biting in this area
  • Reduced mouth opening
  • Swelling
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Bad odour

In most cases, these symptoms can be managed through effective cleaning of the affected teeth at home and by visiting your dentist or hygienist for cleans every six months.

However, if there isn’t enough space for them to grow (impacted wisdom teeth), they can cause pain, swelling and infection. Having your impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed (extracted) can help relieve symptoms.

Before any wisdom tooth removal, your oral surgeon will provide a thorough assessment and make you aware of any implications. The procedure is commonly carried out under local anaesthetic with minimal discomfort, however, if you are quite nervous, it can also be done under conscious sedation.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above or would like advice regarding your wisdom teeth please do not hesitate to book an appointment.

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