The vertical lines that run down the corners of the mouth and extend down to the chin are called marionette lines, because they resemble a marionette, or ventriloquist’s puppet.

These lines can be formed by the repetitive movement of facial muscles, weight loss or can simply be a matter of genetics. As the skin loses its elasticity due to ageing, smoking, sun damage or other factors, the lines become deep, permanent wrinkles.

Marionette lines can have a negative impact on your facial expression, making you look angry or giving a permanent frown.

Patients often resort to non-invasive cosmetic procedures to restore the skin elasticity around the mouth and reduce the signs of ageing, opting for a subtle yet more relaxed look.

The suitable treatment for you depends on several factors, such as the specific type of your wrinkles, whether they are static or dynamic, your skin type, the specific area affected, your age, medical history etc.

To avoid unpleasant reactions and side effects and ensure the best possible results for a long-lasting, subtle look, all cosmetic injections must be performed by qualified medical or dental practitioners, in a safe, regulated, clinical environment, complying to the highest industry standards.

Our skin experts will assess your condition and advise you on the treatment best suited to your needs, skin type, and desired result.

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