Emergency Dentist

We understand that a toothache, a broken filling or an injury to the teeth is an inconvenience and could spoil your day or weekend.

Please contact us during or out of surgery hours, and we will arrange for you to be seen as soon as possible.

During Practice Hours

Out of Surgery Hours

Helpful Advice

As an immediate aid, it may help if you can take ibuprofen and/or Paracetamol. (Please read the back of the package for instructions of use. Contact us to book an appointment for further relief of the pain and treatment.

The swelling is nearly always due to an infection. For adequate treatment it is advisable to contact us to arrange an appointment.

If the swelling is:

– Getting bigger
– Affecting the eye
– Preventing you from breathing or swallowing

Please go straight to your nearest Accident and Emergency.

Contact us after to arrange an appointment in order to treat any tooth related unresolved problems.

This could be a very simple matter but may cause you great inconvenience.

You may initially:

– Take some painkillers.
– Avoid eating on this side.
– Drink through a straw to help avoid any discomfort.

Book an appointment as soon as you can to treat the cause of the problem.

Please call the practice for over the phone and try to:

– Avoid biting on this side
– Use a straw when drinking hot or cold to help prevent any discomfort
– Painkillers could provide some relief temporarily

If it is not possible for you to come in immediately, book an appointment at the earliest possible to ensure no further damage to the tooth occurs. It could be as simple as re-cementing the crown or bridge back onto the tooth.

You may initially:

– Take some painkillers
– Avoid eating on this side
– Drink through a straw to help avoid any discomfort

We need to determine whether any damage has occurred deeper inside the tooth, so it is imperative that you call us for the correct advice over the phone and to arrange an appointment to treat the trauma.

It is important that help is sought immediately in order to attempt to keep the tooth functioning. Please call us immediately for the right advice over the phone.

– The tooth should be handled by its crown (the part which can be seen in the mouth, not the root).
– Try to replace the tooth the right way around back into the socket. Bite down to keep it in place.
– If this is not possible, please keep the tooth in milk (NOT WATER) or in the mouth. Call us and bring it with you to the practice immediately.

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