Root Canal Treatment

Inside each of your teeth, there is a mixture of blood vessels and nerves called pulp. Pulp sits inside a space called the pulp chamber and this extends down into the roots of the tooth. The pulp chamber within the root is called the root canal. If the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected, from tooth decay or trauma this can spread into the pulp inside the root canal and you may experience severe pain and discomfort.

Root canal treatment can be undertaken to stop the pain and resolve the infection, saving the need for a tooth extraction. Root canal treatment normally requires 1-2 visits depending on the tooth, and how infected it is.

After the root canal treatment, the tooth may need extra protection, as they tend to be weaker structurally. This may be in the form of a crown.

Root Canal Treatment January 29, 2021
Case 1
Root Canal Treatment January 29, 2021
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Root Canal Treatment Case 3
Case 3

Sometimes after root canal treatment, you may notice that the tooth becomes slightly discoloured and grey in appearance compared with the adjacent teeth. In this case, internal/external bleaching can be considered.

Root Cana Treatment Before & After

At K Dental Studios, Cesar Munoz. is our root canal expert. He is very gentle, and the treatment is usually not painful. He uses latest state of the art equipment including a microscope for increased accuracy and quality of treatment. If you’re experiencing toothache or would like to find out more information about root canal treatment, book an appointment with us today.

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