A dental hygienist assesses the health of your gums and gently removes any plaque and tartar caused by food you leave behind which combines with bacteria naturally found in your mouth. Regular dental hygiene treatments need to be an essential part of everyone’s oral health regime.


Hygiene Treatment - before and after

Successful hygiene treatment

Your hygienist will also be able to detect the earliest signs of gum problems such as gingivitis, so the appropriate treatment can be provided before any problems develop into something more difficult to manage like periodontitis.

Hygiene demonstration
Hygiene demonstration

Each hygiene appointment will follow a three-step process:

  • Examination

    Your hygienist will give a thorough inspection of your gums, noting any signs of inflammation, swelling or deposits of plaque and calculus.

  • Scaling and polishing

    Using the latest equipment, we will professionally clean any plaque and calculus from your teeth, followed by a ‘jet polish’ to remove any tough stains, giving you back your pearly white smile!

  • Cleaning advice

    Your hygienist will give you advice on preventing plaque from building up in the first place. We feel that prevention is the most important aspect of your care with us!


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Every person is different which means that our oral hygiene advice is tailored around you. Our hygienist Meranda, will spend just as much time customising your routine as she will do cleaning your teeth. This is because we feel that prevention is the most important aspect of your care with us.

Improving your plaque control means fewer visits to the dentist and hygienist, which is our ultimate goal!

Results of hygiene mid-appointment
Results of hygiene mid-appointment

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