At K Dental Studios, we understand the importance of sports and exercise contributing towards a healthy lifestyle. However, some sports unfortunately have more contact than others which may cause a greater impact on our teeth. Sport related injuries to people’s teeth are quite common. Every year we have numerous visits from people whose teeth have either clashed against objects or each other whilst participating in a sporting event and have unfortunately become chipped, cracked or are lost completely. We are usually able to offer help in these cases and offer advice on our website, however we would always recommend investing in a sports guard to protect the teeth from becoming damaged initially.

At K Dental Studios we offer bespoke mouth guards to help protect your teeth during contact sports. When you visit the practice we will take a mould of your teeth; this allows us to create an  plastic shield which is close-fitting to your teeth and therefore offers maximum protection. A customised sports guard offers a superior level of protection and comfort over a standard mouthguard because they are able to absorb some of the force from the impact. The durable mouthguards we provide could be the difference between having and losing a tooth in contact sports.

Our general advice is that anyone engaged in sports should adopt a “No mouthguard no play” policy.

If you would like further information about our bespoke mouth guards please call the practice on 0207 637 8484. Alternatively you can use the form to the right to book your appointment.

The K Dental Studios team are members of Dental Trauma UK. For any further help or advice before coming to see us, please click here.