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On your first appointment you will be greeted at reception and shown around the practice.
Your dentist and their assistant will then undertake a full assessment of the head and neck region and oral cavity to:

• Examine the health of your teeth and gums.
• Undertake a full cancer screening of the head and neck including any changes in the soft tissues inside the mouth.
• Examine the jaw joint (TMJ) and the way your teeth bite together.
• Assess your smile appearance or any aesthetic concerns you may have.

It may be necessary to take x-rays, photographs or moulds of your teeth, in order to assess them more thoroughly and to formulate a diagnosis. Your permission will be sought and we will explain the reasons behind this before we do anything.

Once we have put the puzzle pieces together, the various options available will be discussed with you. We will go through:

• The benefits of each option.
• The individual costs.
• The duration of each of the treatments.

This will enable you to make an informed decision about the type of treatment you would like to have.

The treatment will then be customised to you, so that it fits in with your busy schedule.

Click here to make an appointment for a consultation tailored to you or call 0207 637 8484 for further assistance and advice.