Whitening (or bleaching) is the process of using bleach in a safe and controlled manner to remove the stains that build up in the dentine part of the tooth.

These stains are picked up by the tooth from everyday drinking, smoking or eating.
In some instances, teeth may become discoloured from certain antibiotics.


This is the safest and most predictable method of whitening your teeth.

What does it involve?

1. On the consultation appointment, we compare the colour of your teeth against our shade guide. We can then give you a rough guide as to how much whiter your teeth can become.
2. Photos are taken to later compare with the whitened teeth.
3. We take an impression (mould of your teeth) and send this to our laboratory technician.
4. They make upper and lower arch customised acrylic trays, which fit around the teeth.
5. At our next appointment, we would try the trays in your mouth to ensure they are fitting well. We will also show you how to use the bleaching gels more effectively.

How long will I need for my teeth to go whiter?

• You will be able to see a result in the first few days to a week.
• Most patients find that 4 weeks of whitening every night is sufficient for a whiter smile that they are happy with, but this depends from person to person.
• Others with more complex discolouration (such as certain antibiotics) may require months rather than weeks.

Is whitening safe?

All the procedures that we recommend at K Dental Studios are safe.
For whitening, we use no more than 16% Carbamide Peroxide (6% Hydrogen Peroxide), which is a safe and effective dose.

Some patients may experience slight tooth sensitivity, gum irritation and reddening.
These are all transient effects and the teeth and gums go back to normal once the treatment is finished.

The benefit of this procedure over veneers or crowns, is that we are preserving our natural tooth tissue and not damaging the enamel or nerve.

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Some patients experience discolouration of teeth which have been root canal treated.

Instead of cutting down the tooth for a veneer or a crown, to mask this greyness, it may be possible to whiten it from the inside. This is called Inside/Outside Whitening.

What does it involve?

1. An examination is carried out including a shade match and photos are taken. Impressions of the teeth are made, in order to construct your customised whitening trays as with the Home Whitening procedure.
2. We expose and prepare the cavity behind the tooth to be treated. 10% carbamide peroxide gel is applied inside.
3. The method for using your trays with the gels and how to keep the cavity clean is explained.

How long will this take?

1. The cavity remains open for you to continue refilling it with this gel for 4 days.
2. After the 4 days, we take another shade match. If we are happy with the discoloured tooth’s new shade, we will close the cavity at the back with a filling and continue whitening from the outside with the trays for another 4 weeks.

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