Veneers are thin shells that wrap around the front of the tooth.

They may be necessary in highly aesthetic cases, when other more conservative treatments have not worked. They can be made from porcelain or composite resin material.

What does it involve?

1. The tooth is prepared by shaving part of the front surface of the tooth to create some space for the veneer.
2. An impression (mould of your teeth) is taken and sent to the specialised laboratory technician, who then constructs the veneer in highly aesthetic porcelain or resin based material.
3. At the next appointment, the polished veneer is tried on to your tooth to make sure we are both happy with the fit, shape and colour. It is then cemented under specific protocol to ensure best bonding, with a the strongest cements available on the market.


Sometimes, no tooth structure has to be sacrificed and we prefer to do direct veneers at chairside, with composite resin material. At K Dental Studios, we use highly aesthetic Geanial Composite Resin (GC).

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