CASE 1 – Whitening & Composite Veneers

[Irene Kaimakamis]

33 year old male worried about chipped and roughened edges on front teeth. He was also experiencing jaw joint pain due to grinding his teeth in his sleep. After some customised home whitening we individually built up the front six upper teeth with composite resin. Conservative and aesthetic treatment without compromising any tooth structure. This was followed by giving the patient a mouthguard to wear at night, which subsequently stopped his jaw ache and helped reduce the teeth grinding at night.

CASE 2: Whitening & Composite Veneers

[Irene Kaimakamis]

24 year old female concerned with the wear of her teeth and rough edges on the front teeth. The tooth wear was mainly due to some acid reflux and components in her diet whcih were acidic in nature. Once we were able to identify and stop these habits, the teeth were whitened with customised home bleaching followed by composite resin build ups to replace the tooth structure lost. The treatment was conservative, in that it did not involve any form of tooth cutting, aesthetic and we managed to keep the costs down for the patient compared to other treatment options.

CASE 3 : Whitening, Gum Contouring & Composite Veneers

[Irene Kaimakamis & Dimitra E Tsarouchi]

36 year old male unhappy with the gaps in between his teeth. The upper left lateral incisor was also peg shaped. He wasn’t also happy with the colour of his teeth. Both dentists worked together to treatment plan the most conservative and aesthetic treatment for the patient. This included a crown lengthening procedure with Dr Tsarouchi to improve the symmetry of the gums, followed by whitening and individual composite resin veneers to close the gaps with Dr Kaimakamis.

CASE 4 : Whitening & Composite Resin Veneers

[Irene Kaimakamis]

24 year old female unhappy with the colour of her teeth and the rough edges on her front two teeth. Customised home whitening treatment was undertaken followed by composite resin veneers to straighten the roughened edges. Conservative and aesthetic treatment which the patient was happy with.

CASE 5 : Gum Treatment, Direct Composite Veneers & Upper Denture

[Dimitra E Tsarouchi & Irene Kaimakamis]

49 year old female was unhappy with the gaps in between her teeth due to her gums receeding. After a consultation and gum treatment by our Periodontist, Dr Tsarouchi, we were able to stabilise her gum disease. Cosmetic treatment by Dr Kaimakamis, to improve the aesthetics by filling in the gaps with direct composite resin veneers and an upper removable partial denture to replace the missing teeth on the top right hand side. We were only able to undertake this treatment due to our patients excellent oral hygiene.

CASE 6 : Root Canal Treatment, Whitening & Composite Build up

[Cesar Munoz & Irene Kaimakamis]

23 year old male was unhappy with the discolouration of his upper right central incisor. It was involved in an accident when he was a teenager and the dentist at the time undertook a root canal treatment and built the tooth up with composite resin material. There was an area of infection which Dr Munoz treated by undertaking another root canal treatment. Dr Kaimakamis then followed this up with a course of internal and external customised home whitening and a new composite resin build up. The patient was happy with this improvement in aesthetics.

CASE 7 :  Resin Retained Bridge

[Irene Kaimakamis]

54 year old male was unhappy with his fractured Upper Right Central Incisor (UR1) and wanted the tooth replaced with something which looked natural. He did not want any whitening and did not like the idea of an implant. We decided to provide him with a resin retained bridge, which gave the patient the aesthetics he was looking for without compromising any natural tooth structure.