Ms Katherine Saunt
Head of PSHE
City of London School for Boys

“Dr Kaimakamis kindly offered to give a session on oral health. The students were particularly affected by the photos and I hope it will help them to modify their behaviour especially regarding food/drink. The benefit is that it fits in with the PSHE course on healthy eating. Irene was extremely engaging and the boys found the talk really interesting.”


Ms Nicola Tarry
Jack in the Box Montessori Nursery School

“Dr Kaimakamis came in to talk to the children about looking after their teeth. The children were encouraged to join in and this will help them understand the message about eating healthy and brushing their teeth twice a day. The presentation by Dr Kaimakamis reinforced the message that we are continually teaching the children. Dr Irene was excellent and kept the children interested by asking them to help her and join in. The stickers were a big help!

I would highly recommend a visit from Irene. The interaction was great and she kept all the children aged 2-4 years old interested.”


Mr Christos Patsalis
Head of Year 9
East Barnet School

“Dr Kaimakamis came to our school today, to raise student awareness on dental hygiene.
The talk was very informative. Students spoke about the assembly afterwards, showing genuine interest and glad that they were informed. Both staff and I acknowledge having learnt something new too.
The presentation was conveyed clearly and methodically, allowing the students to know where it was heading. It was interactive, enabling the students to both ask questions and respond equally. Dr Kaimakamis was able to break down any barriers between her profession and her audience, through her appearance, her manner, her presentation and sense of humour. In addition she used terminology that students were able to comprehend and coped well with the different type of listener in front of her.
The affects of facial piercing on tooth and gum decay, was especially appreciated, as it targeted a trend which is causing a concern.

To schools who are thinking of having these talks for their pupils, I would say ‘Absolutely yes!’ It is a very informative assembly that all students (and staff) will take something from. For 30 mins of full engagement and student participation – short, sharp and to the point! ”


Miss B. Ryan – School Project Manager
Mr S. Jenkins – Head of Year 8
Gunnersbury Catholic School for Boys

“Dr Kaimakamis came to our school to inform our Year 8 students about Oral Hygiene. Dr Kaimakamis was extremely interactive with our Year 8 boys and developed a good relationship from the start of the presentation. The students particularly enjoyed seeing examples about the consequences of bad oral hygiene. They also enjoyed the extensive opportunities that they had to ask questions.

We would advise any schools thinking of having this talk to keep the groups to a small number, it worked particularly well with 90 students in a hall. We found it extremely useful and very engaging and would encourage schools to take up the opportunity of having this presentation.”


Ms Latifa Wakili – PSHE KS3 Co-ordinator
Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls

“Irene came to deliver a session on dental health to our year 8 cohort from 9am – 2pm. As a co-ordinator, I am very pleased to have met Irene and teaching about dental hygiene is part of the healthy school’s programme of our PSHE Curriculum.

Irene had an excellent rapport with the pupils. She came across as being enthusiastic and pupils enjoyed her visual aids and advice she gave to them on preventing tooth decay by not snacking.

I would like to offer Irene more time with each class in the future so that pupils could ask more questions at the end as timings on the enrichment day was tight. I would kindly ask her to deliver sessions to year 7 in the next academic year. They are an excellent reinforcement to what is covered in primary schools and pupils are keen to have speakers to come in and guide and inform them in their futures.

Pupils were very proud of Irene when they found out that she is an ex-student at Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls. She is a role model for them.”