Parents' Testimonials October 17, 2013

“Our daughter, aged 8 years of age had visited 3 dentists to remove a tooth that was causing pain and she had to have two courses of Anti-biotics to remove an infected ulcer above the tooth. Our daughter would not allow the dentists to remove the teeth due to the fear of seeing the syringe.

She had to be referred to Ealing Hospital but we did not want her to be under the general anaesthetic due to her age just for removing a tooth. I was very fortunate to book an appointment through Irene and have the tooth removed before her hospital appointment.

It was fantastic to be seen within 2 days from the phone call.

Our daughter is better and she was very happy that she didn’t need to attend her hospital appointment.
It was definitely worth paying the cost and the treatment was excellent. She left the surgery very proud with a big smile on her face. We would recommend that all dentists carry out this procedure with children. Irene had a lovely gift of using patience and enthusiasm with our daughter. She was very tearful and upset before this visit and her self -esteem was very low.

Anyone who visits Irene will be very comfortable and the techniques she uses will make the child feel comfortable and proud. This option of treatment is better than the child undergoing anaesthetic in hospital.”

LW (Mother of SP 8 years old), London


“My daughter (six years old) was suffering from infection after having her tooth filled by another practice. The recommendation was to have the tooth extracted and that she needed a few fillings on her baby teeth. I visited many practices in London and in Iraq, that were not able to take her tooth out, or do the fillings and were suggesting my daughter was put to sleep for the treatment (general anaesthetic) since she was too nervous. I was unhappy with this, because it has many risks for my daughter.

I was recommended to Irene because she has a lot of experience with children. Irene did the fillings and the extraction without general anaesthetic or sedation, the infection cleared and she regained her appetite. Since the visit my daughter has lost her fear of dentists, and is looking forward to her next visit for check-up. It is good investment to have my daughter in good health and to see her happy.

I would highly recommend others to see Irene Kaimakamis, as she was extremely patient with my daughter and explained all the steps to her and put her at ease and has eliminated her worries and fear of dentists.”

JM, (Mother of ZM, 6 years old), Iraq


“My four year old daughter had problems with four teeth. They were causing her great pain. She developed a fever because of it, and her face was swollen as a result. I called Miss Kaimakamis, and she was able to give me an appointment very quickly, as it was an emergency.

My daughter had been seen by my NHS dentist, and they told me that the earliest appointment with a specialist would take at least two months. I was not satisfied with it, and went to Dr Kaimakamis, as a private patient, for a second opinion. We saw her on the Saturday, and the hospital she had referred us to called us on the Monday, telling me that I needed to take my daughter to see their specialist ASAP. The doctor was able to see my daughter straight away there, and she required an operation the day after under GA, as it was THAT bad!!!! Had it not been for Dr Kaimakamis’ quick thinking and and attentiveness, I shudder to think what would happened to my daughter, as her tooth infection had spread across one side of her face.

It was an excellent investment of time and money. My daughter was much better and she was back to her old self again. Also, Dr Kaimakamis has the patience of a saint when it comes to children! She is very gentle and caring, and more importantly, makes sure that they are not scared when they see her.
Don’t hesitate to visit Dr Kaimakamis. You are in excellent hands!”

ZM, (Mother of ET, 4 years old), London


“I took my daughter to Dr Kaimakamis for her very first check up as a baby and I couldn’t have been happier with the care she received. Dr Kaimakamis was friendly, patient and professional, and she gave me great advice for infant/toddler dental care at home. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking first class treatment. ”

LL (Mother of NL, 1 year old), London