“I have visited the practice twice to date, both being for check-up and hygiene appointments with dentist Dr Irene Kaimakamis. I have been left very impressed on both occasions and as a result I have spoken very highly about the practice and Irene to a number of family members and friends who live locally. The practice is impeccably clean and the staff are always incredibly friendly, cheerful and helpful (on both levels, whether dental related or completely unrelated).

I have been 100% satisfied with both my hygiene appointments so far. I have been visiting a top hygienist in Harley Street for many years, but my experiences and results with Irene have been so satisfying that I can confidently say I have adopted myself a new dentist. Irene is professional, friendly and very thorough at her job. I really appreciated her taking the time to explain brushing, flossing, the effects of smoking on the teeth/gums and so forth. I was happy that she took photos before and after so that I could see for myself the visual build up caused by smoking and poor home hygiene. This was certainly very productive and I am most definitely taking greater care of my teeth at home also. She is superb overall and an asset to the practice. I look forward to seeing you soon!”

DM, 31, London


“I initially went to see Dr Kaimakamis for a second opinion as my existing dentist had said that some tooth discolouration was probably decay and the only way to check this was to drill the potentially healthy tooth to check.

I was seen by Dr Kaimakamis within 24 hours of contacting her surgery and was immediately impressed with her professionalism and conduct. She had the tooth x-rayed to check for decay and conduct a full tooth and jaw muscle examination to ascertain whether there was any underlying issues.

Since the visit, not only has the healthy tooth been saved and is actively being monitored but my teeth are in a much better condition and my gums significantly healthier following a deep dental clean.

This was certainly a good investment of time and money as it safeguarded my teeth and provided reassurance and peace of mind without the need for invasive treatment.

I would advise people to book in to see Dr Kaimakamis as soon as they have any dental issues or every 6 months for a check up. I found her prices to be very reasonable and she delivered an exceptional quality service.”

AT, 35, London


“I came in to get my teeth whitened before my wedding later this year. I had an appointment set up within a week. Irene carried out a thorough check-up and clean, as well as taking x-rays to ensure there weren’t any underlying problems, before fitting me for the mouth guard needed for the whitening gel.

The x-rays showed a small filling needed to be dealt with in one of my molars so on my following visit Irene quickly and painlessly gave me a white filling before explaining the teeth whitening procedure and sending me away to carry this out at home. The whole experience was fast, friendly professional and informative so I felt confident using the products at home.

I now have sparkling clean white teeth which I will be confident to show off in my wedding photos! The filling quickly settled down and is now invisible. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

The practice was a little further away than I would have usually travelled but I visited on recommendation from friends and was very happy with my decision to do so. The treatment was very good value for money as the service was so friendly and professional.

Teeth whitening gives you so much more confidence in your smile and was completely painless for me. I would advise anyone thinking of doing it to go for it! Irene gives you all the information required to make an informed decision and advises on the most comfortable way of having the treatment done.”

LJ, 30, London


“I was chewing into my front upper teeth with my lower teeth. The result was that my entire upper front teeth were reduced to a translucent film of enamel and were on the brink of snapping. Dr. Kaimakamis worked relentlessly during approximately 40 hours on my teeth; she applied several techniques such as rubber dam, to rebuild my teeth completely. Over a process that lasted nearly 2 months she took an imprint of my teeth and figured out the correct form and size, then proceeded to create the missing parts of the teeth, and finally to resize them, polish them and now I have fully functional and aesthetically correct teeth.

You will have a hard time finding a dentist so professional and dedicated as Dr Kaimakamis, if you are lucky enough to get her to treat you, you will notice how hard she works and how good her work is.”

FB, 41, London


“I still had 2 milk teeth and no adult teeth to replace them. Because they were my 2 canine teeth and at the front I always felt conscious of them and I would never smile. I was told by my dentist that eventually my baby teeth would fall out.

In all the treatment took 5 years, 3 years in fixed braces and 2 years for the implants. Was it worth it? Yes. I have amazing teeth now. Since having the implants, I smile all the time I love my teeth now and I’m so pleased that I had it done.

Irene is amazing, she explains everything in plain English as she is going along. Irene is kind and considerate always asking if you are ok or need a break. I would recommend Irene to anyone thinking of having this type of treatment.”

CS, 40, Stevenage


“I had a missing tooth and needed an implant. Since the treatment, it’s been great having a new tooth! It was a very good investment of time. Everything works and the treatment was humane and fairly painless. If people are thinking of seeing Irene Kaimakamis or having this treatment done I would say, do it! Irene is professional and friendly and you’ll be glad you had the treatment done, I imagine.”

AA, 36, London


“I had lost my upper right central incisor and also had adjacent teeth that required treatment.
I have had immense benefit from having visited Irene Kaimakamis (at the Eastman Dental Hospital) for treatment. My appearance and confidence have been restored, to the condition (comparable to) they were in before the teeth were damaged/lost. I cannot underestimate the benefits of having treatment.

My advice to anybody who is considering treatment is:
The benefit this will make to your general health and well being are enormous and cannot be understated! Confidence and appearance are improved, beyond anything I considered possible.

On the numerous occasions I visited Irene Kaimakamis for treatment, it was provided in a most professional, meticulous and sympathetic fashion. Irene went to great lengths and consulted with everyone concerned (technicians, consultants etc) to ensure that both appearance and functionality was of the highest quality. In my opinion, Irene Kaimakamis is a very considerate, caring and meticulous dentist, who I would not hesitate to consult for any treatment or advice.”

RM, London


“….. I am extremely pleased with the end result……… Irene and all the team were very thorough, at each stage, and always explained each stage and made time for any questions etc.
Personally I would have no hesitation recommending anyone in a similar position to go ahead with the treatment, it has made a big difference in a positive way for me on a day to day basis, and I have been extremely pleased with not only the result but the whole process. ”

NF, 52 , London


“I had been extremely conscious that I had been left with a visible gap. In my late teens, early twenties I felt embarrassed to smile and it affected my confidence.

I had to have a bone graft, as a result of having no tooth there for such a long time. Soon after that I met Dr Irene Kaimakamis who resized, sculptured and fitted the tooth I have today.

If I didn’t point out that my tooth isn’t real, no one would know. I am more than happy with the result of the treatment and I am able to smile with confidence.”

CH, 24 , London


“I had a missing tooth due to my milk tooth falling out and my second tooth not coming through.

I would recommend Irene, she was friendly, professional and kept me informed at all times of what procedures were to be carried out.

Irene took her time to ensure the bridge was correctly fitted and aesthetically pleasing. I had 2 follow up appointments to ensure all was well and that I was happy with the fit, look etc.

I feel 100% confident with the bridge work carried out and 100% confident people cannot tell this is not my own tooth.”

CW, 38, London


“I had lost my baby tooth at the age of 32. The adult tooth had grown in another direction. I needed to have a false tooth put in. I was seen at King’s Dental Institute within 6 months of my referral.

I have had a new tooth put in and this has improved the way my teeth are set, given me more self confidence and it has encouraged me to take care of my teeth. I would recommend seeing Irene and following her advice, as she knows what she is talking about.”

MG, 32, London