We know that making an appointment to see the Orthodontist can feel like quite a big step for some people. We understand that admitting braces may be necessary in order to maintain or improve your level of oral health can be daunting. However, we also know that you’ve got no need to worry. Thanks to the in-depth treatment planning process and an improvement in technology, there are a range of orthodontic options available, all of which have been specifically designed to overcome certain issues. You’ll also be pleased to know that many of the methods are a lot more pleasing on the eye than the traditional ‘train-track’ braces.

At K Dental Studios, we plan treatment specific to the individual and will only use the highest quality orthodontic technology to provide long-lasting results as opposed to a ‘quick-fix’ which can cause further complications down the line. As a client of K Dental Studios you will receive a detailed treatment plan before the process begins and we will endeavour to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.

We would like to invite you to our Orthodontic open evening which is taking place at the Studios on Thursday 23rd February.  It’s a great opportunity to meet our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Sara Stephens, and find out more about orthodontic solutions for both children and adults. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have in a relaxing environment.

If you think your child may benefit from orthodontic treatment this relaxed and informative evening is not to be missed. We all want to do what’s best for our children, but sometimes it can be hard to know what ‘doing best’ is. Dr Sara Stephens has a wealth of experience in children’s orthodontics which she will be sharing with guests on the evening. It’s true that orthodontic intervention at an early age can help to reduce further dental complications as they age. Brace treatment during childhood and teenage years can help straighten teeth and help teeth bite correctly and in harmony with the lips and jaws.

Come to this free event and have your questions answered. Call 020 7637 8484 to book your place today. We look forward to seeing you soon.