Fissure Sealants have been used in dentistry for many years as an effective means of preventing tooth decay. This sealant can be described as a protective liquid that is painted on to the teeth in the fissures and ridges on top surfaces of teeth; most commonly on the molar teeth. Once applied to a person’s teeth, the application is set hard with a blue light. Fissure sealants are long lasting and can remain in place for many years, acting as a protective layer.

This preventative treatment is perhaps most commonly used to protect a child’s first and second molars as they come through, usually at the ages of around 6 and 12. However, we are able to use fissure sealants as an efficient protection method against decay for adults too. This treatment is particularly beneficial for those adults which have teeth that are prone to rapid decay development. Your dentist assesses your risk level during a consultation and will advise you accordingly.

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