It is very important that children are seen by the dentist regularly, so that we can advise and guide parents about their diet and hygiene. It is imperative that this happens at an early stage in life, in order to prevent problems from occurring at an older age.

Seeing the dentist from as early as 1 year of age, allows the child to become accustomed to the surgery surroundings. It also enables them to build a relationship with staff and prevents children from developing a phobia of seeing the dentist.

We can provide both prevention and various treatments such as:

Diet advice tailored to each child, in order to prevent tooth decay.
Hygiene visits with the dentist who will also encourage and help keep children motivated with cleaning their teeth at home.
• Correct Fluoride regiment for each child depending on their age and risk to tooth decay.
Fissure sealants are suggested for children who have their adult teeth, and require covering of the fissures with a filling material to help protect the teeth from later decay.
• Tooth coloured fillings for children.
• Children’s root canal treatments.
• Tooth extractions.

Any necessary treatments such as those mentioned above will always be provided pain free.

We have vast experience with working with children who may not have cooperated in other dental chairs.

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