Oral Health Awareness Talks October 17, 2013

Oral Health Awareness Talks were set up by Dr Kaimakamis in 2007. She attended various nursery, primary or secondary schools, in order to try to raise awareness in children, teachers and parents about their children’s oral health.

She wanted to give children who had not had the opportunity to see the dentist some information about oral health. It is a very interactive session where children are encouraged to ask questions.

She has spoken to groups of children as large as 250 and has found that it has made a huge impact on their habits and their hygiene patterns. We feel that it is important for children to have these talks whether they have had prior exposure to dentists or not and we encourage schools to take advantage of this unique opportunity that K Dental Studios is offering.

Some of the schools who have already benefited from our talks include:

• City of London School.
• Southbank International School
• Gunnersbury Catholic School for Boys.
• Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls.
• East Barnet Secondary School.
• Bounds Green School & Children’s Centre.
• Bowes Park Nursery.
• Beanstalk Montessori Nursery.
• Jack in the Box Montessori Nursery.
• Queen’s Park Primary School
• Eglinton primary School and Early Years Centre
• Migrants Resource Centre

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If you are a teacher or a parent and would like an oral health awareness day at your school, please contact us via email or call 0207 637 8484 for further assistance and advice.


OHA St Mary Magdalene Primary School 2014

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20150204 - OHA Mary St MagdaleneOral Health Awareness Talks October 17, 2013

OHA at East Barnet High School 2013



Gunnersbury Catholic Scool

OHA at Gunnersbury Catholic School for Boys 2013