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  • Award for Best Patient Care – London

    Award for Best Patient Care – London

    It’s true, we put patient care first….. And now we have the award to prove it! On the 15th December the Team attended the glamorous Private Dentistry Awards at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel. We were nominated and shortlisted for: Best Referral Practice, Best Patient Care, Best Team, Best Branding & Design and Practice of

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  • Teeth Whitening – Facts & Top Tips

    K Dental Studios Top Teeth Whitening Questions As Principal clinician at K Dental Studios, Irene is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards possible at the practice and patients regularly ask her about the best teeth whitening methods. Here are Irene’s answers to the most asked teeth whitening questions.  

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  • Facts About Dental Implants

    ARE DENTAL IMPLANTS RIGHT FOR ME? Dental implants are the next best thing to your healthy, natural teeth. A dental implant can restore a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. It is imperative that the procedure is planned and undertaken by a qualified and experienced dentist. Specialist

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  • Saving Teeth First – The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

    Saving Teeth First Where some dentists may consider removing a tooth due to an infected root canal, we are able to undertake further procedures to try and save the tooth. Cesar has a passion for this type of dentistry and, combined with years of education and experience, is able to perform complex root canal treatments.

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  • Do you know how to look after your children’s teeth?

    Here at K Dental Studios, we understand that parenthood brings a lot of responsibility and there’s always a lot to learn. Your child’s health, both oral and general, can be influenced by your actions. So we wanted to share some top tips with you to help you give your children the best chance in maintaining

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  • Dentistry, the KDS way

    K Dental Studios is a private practice located in the heart of London’s medical hub. There’s other practices in close proximity, but we’re proud to be able to offer something a little different to other practices. Now, this isn’t us being biased in any way. This is based on the special approach we take to

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  • Thessaloniki

    Many of you will already be aware of our recent trip to Thessaloniki, however for those of you who don’t know, here’s a quick introductions before we get into the finer details. Irene’s cousin Pano had visited Greece last year in association with Dentaid to help provide dental care and aid for refugees. After hearing

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  • We need your help

    This year seems to be flying already…can you believe February’s over? Anyway, try and cast your minds back to last year when one of our team members partook in something nothing short of amazing. Last summer, Pano took part in a trip to Thessaloniki in Greece to offer support and aid to those who truly

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  • The Office Cake Culture: How To Avoid The Sugar

    You may have heard about it on the radio recently or perhaps you noticed when it took the top spot on BBC News’ health section. I wouldn’t be shocked if most, or possibly all, people can say they’ve recognised this very same ‘habit’ becoming more and more common in their place of work. We’re talking

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  • PINK is not your colour

    As a new year begins, many of us look to improve our physical health and fitness. However, oral health is often missed off the list. Take a minute to ask yourself if your teeth are fit for 2017? This year, we’re continuing on our mission to raise the standards of oral health within our community

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