• Preventing Tooth Wear

    Preventing Tooth Wear

    Tooth wear is a very common problem in children and adults in the UK. Despite being irreversible, worn teeth are completely treatable and there are plenty of options to help you get back your full smile again. The first sign of tooth wear is often increased sensitivity or your teeth may start to look rough

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  • What causes bad breath?

    Bad breath (halitosis) can be an issue for many people, however the good news is that it can be prevented with some simple steps! The most common cause of bad breath is due to a buildup bacteria in your mouth and plaque around your teeth and gums. Using cleaning aids such as floss or interdental

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  • What is a Periodontist?

    Periodontists specialise in the treatment of gum conditions. Unlike a hygienist or a general dentist, a periodontist is a dentist with further specialist training who can diagnose and treat complex cases of gum disease, recession and other diseases of the supporting tissues. Periodontists are also able to provide surgical treatment options which may be needed

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  • What is gingivitis?

    What is gingivitis?

    Gingivitis is one of the most common problems that we see as dental professionals, it is an inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria that we naturally have in our mouths. After consuming any form of food or drink, a thin soft film called plaque builds up around the junction between the gums and the

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  • Facts About Gum Disease

      TEETH AND BONE ANATOMY Our teeth are kept in place by the surroundinggums and bone. Both of these structures are important for keeping our teeth throughout our lifetime and therefore should be kept very healthy.   Our Periodontist, Dimitra Tsarouchi explains all.

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  • Wisdom Teeth – To Extract or not to Extract – Facts and Fallacies

      As dentists we hear these questions frequently: Should I remove my wisdom teeth? Will they erupt further? Will they make my front teeth crooked? As one of the most common dental procedures in the UK, here at K Dental Studios we are fortunate to have the right experts to help and advise patients who

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  • Do you know how to look after your children’s teeth?

    Here at K Dental Studios, we understand that parenthood brings a lot of responsibility and there’s always a lot to learn. Your child’s health, both oral and general, can be influenced by your actions. So we wanted to share some top tips with you to help you give your children the best chance in maintaining

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  • Dentistry, the KDS way

    K Dental Studios is a private practice located in the heart of London’s medical hub. There’s other practices in close proximity, but we’re proud to be able to offer something a little different to other practices. Now, this isn’t us being biased in any way. This is based on the special approach we take to

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  • Another reason to quit smoking

    Another Reason To Quit Smoking We all know the effects that smoking can have on our general health, but people do not often consider the effect it has on our teeth, gums and oral cavity as a whole. Smokers quite often have much less gum bleeding and redness than non-smokers giving the false impression that

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