Another Reason To Quit Smoking
We all know the effects that smoking can have on our general health, but people do not often consider the effect it has on our teeth, gums and oral cavity as a whole. Smokers quite often have much less gum bleeding and redness than non-smokers giving the false impression that their gums are healthy which may not be the case. Here’s a few facts that highlight the impact it can have:

Calculus and Gum Disease:
Smoking can increase the calculus (tartar) build up which in turn causes and exacerbates the later development of gum disease. Gum disease or Periodontitis can be completely painless, however the effects that this disease can have on gums and supporting structures of the teeth can be life changing. It is characterised by swollen, receding or bleeding gums, and can often cause bad breath and, in severe cases, tooth loss. Unfortunately once the supporting bone around the teeth is lost it cannot be grown back, which is why tooth loss is a common consequence of this condition. Treatment can be sought to arrest the gum disease. If treated in the early stages, this treatment can stop a patient losing their teeth and in many cases restore their functionality. Smoking can cause issues with treatment however as it reduces the ability of our body to respond to this gum treatment. We encourage our patients to stop smoking to avoid gum disease in the future, but also to try and help those who do unfortunately have gum disease to become healthy again.

Staining and Bad Breath:
Cigarettes will not only cause staining of the teeth and tongue but will also give you bad breath. The brown stains can be removed but to do so requires regular maintenance from your dentist or hygienist. There are numerous benefits of stopping smoking but aesthetically it will allow you to maintain healthier whiter teeth for longer; it will also give you a fresher breath. Stopping smoking could be the best thing you ever do, it will have a huge impact on your lifestyle and is likely to boost your confidence, thus keeping you smiling for longer.

Oral Cancer:
We all know the severity of cancer, and unfortunately your mouth isn’t immune from this nasty disease. It is very difficult to spot oral cancer but regular check ups can help to detect it. The chances of developing oral cancer may increase if you smoke, another reason to make the change and quit smoking. We can help.  Our team are able to give you some handy tips and advice to help you to break the habit and put down the cigarettes for good.

At K Dental Studios we’re on a mission to improve our community’s oral health so as an incentive to help you stop smoking we are inviting all smokers, and those who have recently given up, to have their stains removed with a complimentary Jet Polish treatment (usually £45) upon attending a check-up or hygiene appointment. We can also assess your oral health, checking for gum disease and oral cancer whilst providing advice on how to stay away from the cigarettes.  Book your appointment today to avoid disappointment, it’s time to get your smile back!