What causes bad breath

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath (halitosis) can be an issue for many people, however the good news is that it can be prevented with some simple steps!

The most common cause of bad breath is due to a build up of bacteria in your mouth and plaque around your teeth and gums.

Using cleaning aids such as floss or interdental brushes will help remove plaque from in between the teeth, however we also recommend regular hygiene appointments to keep your teeth in top shape.

In certain circumstances, food and debris can become trapped under a flap of gum covering an impacted wisdom tooth.

This can usually be prevented through the use of cleaning aids at home by making sure you keep your teeth, tongue and mouth clean. We recommend consulting your dentist if you are experiencing recurrent gum infections.

Certain foods, health conditions and habits such as smoking are among the other causes of mouth odour. We know that it can be difficult to assess how your own breath smells, so you could ask a close friend or relative to confirm your concerns.

If you are still concerned about your oral health, we recommend booking an appointment with us to determine the cause of your bad breath and work with you to put an end to your concerns and restore your confidence.

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