Children’s Week

‘Children’s Week’ is organized once or twice a year, usually during half term periods, where children can attend the practice with their parents or carers for a complimentary consultation.

K Dental Studios recognise the importance of teaching children how to look after their teeth correctly from an early age. Adopting a good oral hygiene routine as a child is likely to:

• Ensure the deciduous (baby) teeth fall out naturally only when the adult teeth are ready
• Reduce the chance of needing braces
• Help maintain a healthy smile
• Save money on dental work in the future

As part of our commitment to improving the community’s long
term dental health we are offering free checkups for children up to the age of 18 in our ‘Children’s Week’. This is a great opportunity for children to create a healthy relationship with their dentist, whilst parents/carers gain advice on brushing techniques and diet to promote good oral health.

Our highly-skilled dentists have years of experience seeing
children who haven’t seen a dentist before or get particularly
anxious. We promise to take the time to get to know your child and make their experience as enjoyable as possible whilst helping them to prevent dental problems later in life.

Every child receives a goodie bag.

Due to increased popularity during these half term weeks we advise booking in advance.


Next dates :


Email us if you wish to be sent reminders for Children’s Week.